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I'm Samantha, Mama to Montgomery! I am an interiors-obsessed, award-winning designer from the UK. My background is in the luxury design world spanning Europe, Asia and Oceania over the past 15 years. Wow time flies! 

hey montgomery singapore children's interiors
hey montgomery singapore children's interiors
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As a child, my parents would redecorate our home yearly or at least it felt like that, and still do to this day! I, in turn would redesign my bedroom, from matchy-matchy 80’s floral wallpaper and bedding, to 90’s illuminous paints on the ceilings and walls with gerbera flower borders and 3D star ceiling lights. That journey led to where I am today, which has engrained super happy memories from my own childhood spaces. In case you are wondering… yes, I can wallpaper, paint and use power tools thanks to my dad but not to worry we have a team to help you with that!  

Me, with friends in my gerbera bedroom, 1999

samantha johnson hey montgomery

Upon welcoming Monty in 2019 after a challenging IVF journey, I soon realised parents are busy, parents want beautiful spaces for their children and parents need specific design and organisation help. This is where I decided to follow a new path and do what I do best, helping other parents create awesome spaces for their children!  


So here we are ready to work closely with you, helping create a space around your specific design requirements and budget.  Whether you need pointing in the right direction or the whole shebang, we want to make the process simple, fun and easy! We know parents crave tidy, organised spaces and we recognise how children respond to certain environments, so our focus is not only on the furniture and layout but on all those small fun details that your child will love and interact with. 


Hey Montgomery has created spaces throughout the world... Singapore, United Kingdom, France and South America to name a few! Interested? Drop us a message and we can chat! 

Want to know a bit more about what we've been up to most recently? Check out our blog here.

Press + Awards

ExPat Living, March 2024
The Honeycombers,
 March 2024
Square Rooms, July 2022

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What Clients Say . . .

Samantha has a very thoughtful, creative approach and great attention to details. She is very professional and knowledgeable.


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